Deli Style Cheesesteak Sandwich

A healthier alternative to the classic cheesesteak sandwich.

We love a good cheesesteak sandwich, but if you are like us, you may not like all the greasy aspects of a cheesesteak. We’ve found a decent alternative that involves no raw meat, and no frying of that greasy frozen meat concoction called Steakums. The result is a sandwich that won’t linger for the rest of the night in your stomach or leave your house smelling like a fast food joint.

At our market stands, we sell a ready to eat Rare Roast Beef produced by Freda Meats out of Northern Jersey. This USDA choice beef has a tremendous pink hue and is nitrate free. It can be eaten as is, but is also a great choice for hot roast beef sandwiches.

Quality and freshness of the meat is the most important factor in any good sandwich, but the bread is certainly the next most important aspect. Choose a good quality sub roll of your choice and slather them with a heathy amount of butter. Throw them on the hot grill (450-500 degrees) for 2-3 minutes or until nicely toasted. Don’t skip this step! Buttering and grilling the bread adds a ton of flavor and texture to your sandwich. Our current grill of choice is a Pit Boss Pro Series 820 wood pellet grill.


Once the bread has been toasted, remove and add your cheese of choice right onto the bread. The hot bread will start to melt the cheese. We used provolone for our sandwiches, but numerous cheeses would work. Other cheeses we would recommend would be American, Swiss, Muenster, or Cheddar. Now throw the roast beef onto the grill for about 30 seconds and then flip for another 30 seconds. Keep in mind, the product we are using is already cooked and ready to eat, so you do not have to worry about cooking it.


Remove the Roast Beef from the grill and layer onto the sandwich with whatever additional toppings you choose. We added grilled onions and peppers. Additional toppings we’d recommend would be hot peppers and a good marinara sauce. Serve hot and enjoy!


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